KIM Whanki’s “All-Over Dot Paintings” 
[14-III-72 #223]

Began 254 × 202 cm #223 in the night. 
KIM Whanki, March 14, 1972 

Only after dark did I finally complete filling in the dots of the 254 × 202 cm Geranium Lake dot painting. 
It will still take about another week. 
KIM Whanki, March, 1972 

Painting 14-III-72 #223 is a typical example of Kim Whanki’s “all-over dot paintings” of “concentric circle composition,” which the artist presented from 1971 to 1972 in an attempt to explore dynamic movement and spatial expansion in his picture-planes. 14-III-72 #223 expresses a sense of space that infinitely extends our mental imagery beyond the bounds of the picture-plane by creating concentric circle forms with dots. Vividness originates from the delicate fluctuations of tones portrayed with the red pigment of Geranium Lake; and the rhythms of colors expand in harmony, adeptly presenting the aspects of lyric abstraction characteristic of Kim Whanki. Considering that the artist left many “all-over dot paintings” of blue shades, this work is special, in that such paintings in other sets of colors such as red or yellow are comparatively rare.

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