Jeff Kim, <COLOR POP> 2022, 30"
The work, in which two stick-shaped figures move through the darkness, their paths generating a vivid and graceful appearance, was made through choreographic datafication of Lia Kim, a representative of Korea's prominent dance culture organization One Million. We hope to express the notion of moving forward by letting go of the past, as well as the feeling of seeing abstract sculptures in motion, through the superimposition of rhythmic trajectories and the differences in brightness of the facets that are continually formed and destroyed. The choreography is set to the upbeat, funky music of the 1970s global hit "SEPTEMBER," which tells the story of a December day spent reflecting on the colorful past.
사실적인 CG 물리 시뮬레이션을 통해 일상 속 소소한 현상을 유쾌한 감성으로 풀어내는 Jeff Kim 작가의 <COLOR POP>은 구체의 오브젝트들이 떨어지고, 구르고, 부풀고, 터지는 물리현상들을 스토리라인에 따라 연출한 작품입니다. 빈 공간이 화려한 컬러로 채워지고, 더 이상 비집고 들어갈 여지가 없을 정도로 가득 찬 후 모두 터져 파티클이 되어 사라지는 과정 속 현대인의 바쁜 일상과 길 잃은 욕망을 위트있게 꼬집어 표현합니다.
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