At Frieze Seoul 2023, LG OLED presented abstract paintings by Kim Whanki, paired with a new body of digital works created by a collective of artists led by Je Baak, Mano Ahn, Jason Kim, who are Creative Director of VERSEDAY, Ahn Graphics and BESIGN. The initiative, made possible by the Whanki Foundation, exemplified LG OLED’s commitment to combining the richness of tradition with the marvels of innovation. It was a destination in the fair and exemplified our shared belief in the value of artistry and technology.

2023년 프리즈 서울 메인 스폰서인 LG의 김환기 디지털미디어아트 전에 참여작가로 출품
김환기 화백의 유작 2점을 미디어아트로 재해석하여 OLED 디스플레이로 구현, 4일간 약 8만여 명 관람