JE BAAK, ' Diaries of tomorrow', 2022, AI, 3' 00"
< Diaries of tomorrow >

Robots for love of families in Seoul life
ICT for flowers and trees on sunny days in the urban nature
Big Data for a lunch box and a playground at school
A.I. for a Human Rights in digital space
<Diaries of tomorrow>는 서울대학교 박제성 교수에 의해
완결된 문장을 AI가 분석하여 서사적 영상으로 표현한 미디어아트입니다.
작가의 숙의가 담긴 각 문장을 해석하고 이미지를 선별, 중첩시켜 영상으로
연출하는 과정 속에서, AI는 도구(tool)가 아닌 제작의 동반자(partner)적인 의미를 갖게 됩니다.
“Diaries of tomorrow”(Je Baak, 2022) is a media art in which sentences completed by Je Baak are analyzed and expressed as narrative images by AI. In the process of interpreting each sentence implying Baaks deliberations, selecting and overlapping images, and producing them into a video, AI becomes a partner of production rather than a tool.

Produced / VERSEDAY
Director / JE BAAK
Technical Director / Seonghyeon Kim