LG OLED Lounge in Cheongdam
September 8-24, 2023 
Artist Company (1F & B1)
September brings abundant artistic enjoyment with events like ‘Frieze Seoul Art Fair’ and the 'DDP Seoul Light’. 

To mark the occasion, an outdoor digital exhibition ‘LG OLED x Whanki’ will be held for three weeks on the ground floor of Artist Company, led by Lee Jung-Jae, starting from September 8th. 

As Frieze Seoul's headline partner, LG OLED will showcase five digital artworks by artist KIM Whanki. Visitors will also be able to view 'Six & Five' artworks from the 2023 Frieze New York exhibition. 

The LG OLED Art and Entertainment collaboration aims to introduce media art to the public, enhancing accessibility and enriching lives with art's beauty. 

Digital art enthusiasts can freely explore the exhibition during the open hours.